The Best of the Italian Alps: Sesia and Mastallone Rivers

The Italian alps, the mountains, streams, rivers and valleys of northern Italy offer a unique opportunity for fly fishing enthusiasts or fishermen who want to enjoy
a memorable trip. Fishing in Val Sesia and Val Mastallone takes place in one of the most beautiful and evocative valleys of the Italian alps; river Sesia
and Mastallone Stream are famous for the enormous presence of brown trout, marble trout, rainbow trout. Val Sesia is one of the best marble trout waters
in Italy and certainly one of the most productive in the whole of southern Europe.

Val Sesia river is famous for the most exclusive Italian Fishing Reserve of Piode. Fly fishing in the Italian Alps is an exhilarating experience. ALPS Store
& Fishing Service offers Fishing Guide services on the entire panorama of the Italian Alps. There are a lot of fishing options. Rivers, lakes and uncounted streams in the Italian Alps
awaiting you.