My guest this week is Daniel Ritz [1:00:58], who recently completed the Master Caster level of the Western Native Trout Challenge. We talk about how he did it, what flies worked, and had a lot of discussion about what actually counts as a subspecies of trout. If you want to view his entire journey, it can be found at In the Fly Box this week, which was unusually long (either I talked too much or chose too many questions), we have these questions and tips: Why does my line get twisted when I try to shoot line? How do I know if the fly pattern I developed is really something new? What would you recommend for a wing material on bonefish flies? A question on exactly what hook shank measurements like 1X and 2X long mean, and what are they compared to? Does a 10-foot 5 weight Recon have a softer tip or a heftier butt section as compared to shorter rods? Is a 7-weight rod too light for pike fishing? How do fall leaves in the water affect fishing and what should I do? How do I get a non-weighted streamer deeper in the water column? My old floating fly line has a tip that is sinking. Is there any way of fixing this? Do brookies really drop down lower downstream in the fall after spawning? I fish a small high-altitude stream and only catch small trout. Do you think there could be larger trout there? What is a good step up from a cheapo fly-tying vise? How do you gauge your speed on how fast to move in a small stream? How do I catch the large trout in a small, clear stream with slow current? Is it ever appropriate not to tip a guide? A transcript of this podcast will be available in approximately three weeks at