Named after the famous East Tennessee River, the Tellico’s origins are as foggy as what it is designed  to imitate! Some say a mayfly nymph where others are sure that its a caddis larva… But the colours are similar to that of the Golden stonefly nymph, of which the Tellico nymph is well known for. No matter what it imitates, it has gained a reputation as a big fish fly!  There are many variants of the Tellico nymph but I am still a follower of the original, although I do like to give the pheasant tail shell back a coat of UV resin, just to prolong the life of the fly.

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Tellico Nymph recipe

Hook: Mustad S82-3906B # 8
Tying thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
Tail: Natural Guinea fowl fibres
Shell back: Hen Pheasant tail fibres
Body: GloBrite Nr 9 Yellow floss
Rib: Fine gold wire & Peacock herl
Hackle: Brown hen
Head: Black

How to tie Tellico Nymph

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