To purchase Commando Heads or find a dealer visit While we may be known more for steelhead and salmon, we have a serious thing for smallmouth bass, for the following reasons: 1. They fight extremely hard. 2. They take many types of flies very well. 3. They live in a wide variety of habitats. 4. They have a huge range in the US and Canada. 5. They’re beautiful. Bass fishing in the past has presented fly fishermen with a bit of a conundrum. In order to cast the large flies popular in many bass fisheries, fly fishers using conventional fly lines had to use heavy rods in the 6-8 weight range. While these rods are fun with bigger bass, they really aren’t much fun at all for your typical 8-12 inchers. Commando Heads completely change the game by allowing you to fish the same 3-4 inch streamer flies on true 4 and 5 weight single hand rods. Fishing a rod that is appropriate to the average size of bass and other warm water fish is a true pleasure. Try a Commando Head on your favorite single hand rod today and rediscover your home water.