Back in 2019, we produced a video taking a quick look at the (then new) Sage PAYLOAD fly rod at IFTD 2019.  This rod has since become a favorite big predator rod of ours, chasing pike, bass, and musky.  However, we didn’t get a whole lot of time with the 6 weight (our loss).
Recently, we had the opportunity to take the 6 weight Sage PAYLOAD out for a spin, and man were we missing out.

Having the chance to put together an on-the-water follow-up with a few more days driving this cannon of a predator rod has given us a new love for this rod. The 6 weight mimics much of the bigger models; made to cast heavy flies and lines.  Yet, we would have no problem throwing a variety of lines and fly sizes when fishing streamers for trout or even smallmouth.  Heavily loaded shooting head lines, sink tips, intermediate, and full sink lines are nothing to this rod and it casts them all so well.

And if you missed it, check out our original look at the Sage PAYLOAD Fly Rod.