Riviera translates as Coast. While we do not live on the coast we do reside on the banks of Mother Mo. So this tune has always had a place in my heart and it is associated with y early trout bum years here before SOL settled here.
I used cue the cassette tape in my crappy sweet Sanyo and turn it up.

This was a sweet beginner boom box. I know it was less than $30

I think that was my nicest, or only, music source for some time. Also a time when I owned 4 pairs of footwear. Teva’s, Sorels, wading boots, and ski boots. Kinda all you need. And a time when when everything I owned I could stuff in my Subaru. Mostly stuffed with fly rods and skis.
So enjoy Riviera Paradise on this Sunday. Seahawks are losing, Mariners are losing, I writing this and the fishing report for tomorrow. And gonna get out the Trout Spey quiver for the next 3 months. Time to put that kit in the mix…