You’ve stumbled into the flyfishing epicenter of the Redditverse. Many of our subscribers are veterans who will be equally happy to share their wisdom (and maybe their whisky, if you ask really nicely), brag about their angling prowess, debate gear choices and techniques for hours, lie to you about their secret places, offer helpful-yet-scathing criticism of your fish handling skills, and tell you to get the eff off their water….often simultaneously, and occasionally with corrosive but commendably colorful language. Not a bad bunch, all told.But as far as we can tell, most of our contributors are relatively new to the sport. We’re glad you’re here! You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. In fact, there’s a fair chance that your question has already been asked and answered a few times, so please use the search tools to find your answers first. Try keywords like “beginner” and “starter” and “wader suggestions” and “budget” to refine your results, and try surfing on your target location(s) or species. You might be amazed at how much useful content you’ll find.Every year or so we attempt again to create a starter guide, or to refresh the one from last year. Start here, and feel free to post if you don’t find what you need….Sometimes we run contests – watch the stickied threads for those. Again, welcome…and tight lines!