The new Patagonia Stealth Packs are in, and we gotta say…wow. Simply designed, yet full of great and subtle features made these packs an instant favorite when they showed up!  Built with tough yet lightweight nylon and a lot of room to fit fly boxes, lunch, water bottles, rain jackets, and more; these are quickly becoming our go-to pack option.
We noticed some very important details right off the bat when we started unpacking the packs.  They are all built to be adjustably ambidextrous, being designed to function the same for right or left-handed people.  Another really cool feature is the embedded magnets on the packs and shoulder straps which temporarily hold flies, nippers, or hemos for quick fly and rig changes.  Multiple D-rings, docking stations, and gear sleeves also keep equipment close at hand.
With the Stealth hip pack, sling, and backpack, integrated holsters also allow for secure right-or-left handed net carry as well as a removable internal waterproof pocket for phone or small electronic storage inside or outside the pack.