Blackfoot River

The Blackfoot river has been fishing well through the heat, and when the weather breaks, it’s going to get really good. There’s a few spots on the lower section where the tricos are being seen, but be ready to get off the river early to beat the tubers. Hoppers and other terrestrials are working from late morning on in the heat. Look for a Purple Morrish Hopper to move some fish, as well as a Streambank Hopper or a Henneberry. The Black and Purple Antacid have proven useful, along with Micro Chubbies in all colors.
The big droppers have been moving fish in the deeper runs, while smaller jigs are working along the edges. Dark TJ Hookers have been very good throughout the day. When it comes to jigs, we haven’t heard of anything super hot, but your choice of brown jigs are working. The San Juan worm is also reasserting itself.
As always, streamers are moving fish along the length of the river. Even though the Blackfoot does not have Hoot Owl hours, in the heat of the day, we tend to take the streamer off about noon. When the cool weather starts next week, this will become less important, but in the heat, give the deep fish a break. No color has really stepped up, but the Mini Dungeons and Baby Gongas have been taking fish consistently.
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