The McKenzie and Willamette Rivers received a “freshen up” last weekend. While rivers came up quickly they came right back down into great shape. Water temperature have dropped a bit but fishing has remained excellent.

This time of year is so great, light winds, good hatches, and salmon spawning in the McKenzie make it one of the very best windows of fishing each year.

Fishing has been good all day. In the a.m hours fish seem to be keying on larger dries. Nocturnal Short Winged Stoneflies still fresh in there memory banks. Mid-day a smaller jigged nymph or adult caddis pattern has been working well. In the afternoon Parachute Adams, Blue Winged Olive patterns, and then moving towards evening October Caddis begin flopping about and you can get out the big orange patterns.
Best Flies for current conditions:
Chubby Chernobyl #6 and #8 tan, gold, orangeParachute Adams size #10-14Brown and Tan Elk Hair Caddis #10-16Blue Winged Olive #18-20Dally’s Tailwater JigOrange Elk Hair Caddis #8-14Morrish Foam October Caddis #8