We’re beyond excited to release the specs for our new OPST Micro Skagit and Pure Skagit Two-Hand Rods! Here’s a quickie of Ed Ward blasting off with our 11’6″ 8wt Pure Skagit Rod, lined with our 400 grain Commando Head, 40lb Lazar Line and our 12′ 132 grain “Riffle” Series Commando Sink Tip. This combination has been extensively field tested in British Columbia and all over the West Coast of the lower 48, and the resounding consensus is that we’re going to need to re-name it the Postmaster………cause all it does is freakin’ send it! Stay tuned for our release date, coming soon! Find everything else here: https://pureskagit.com/store/Pure-Skagit-Lines-c7107639