Hot damn! What a trip. After months of waiting, we were finally able to get back down to Xcalak, MX to do some much-needed saltwater fishing. This crew was a great mix of anglers. We had a first-timer all the way to guys with decades of experience in the salt. 3 of our anglers caught their first permit ever! There were many, many chances at permit, resident juvenile tarpon, as well as, some of the largest bonefish I’ve seen in this area. It seems the lack of pressure of the last couple of years has really helped this fishery blossom with larger fish, and more of them!

The first day, our crew flew into Cancun and lodged overnight at the Marriot next to the airport. It’s always nice to meet up and have some dinner/drinks at the hotel. This gives everyone a chance to swap stories, as well as set some expectations for the trip. The next morning, our shuttle arrived at 9 am, and off we went. It’s around a 5hr shuttle south on the Costa Maya Highway to Xcalak. After stopping at Chedraui in Tulum for small groceries/alcohol for the week, we were on our way, yet again.
After the drive, we arrived at Acōcōte Eco Inn and met up with Rob Mukai (owner) to get the lay of the land around the lodge. The lodging at Acōcōte Eco Inn is fantastic and completely off the grid. The lodge is powered with solar and wind, as well as the utilization of collected rainwater. Fresh drinking water is supplied in each suite, which have two rooms (one with two twin beds and one with a queen-sized bed), as well as, two bathrooms with a kitchen area/lounge area. Rob even has his own supply of 3 dogs to help us anglers who are missing their pups back in the states.

Having great accommodations can really help when you consider how remote of an area Xcalak is. Let me be clear, the food is no slouch either. Rob had most of our meals catered by locals so you can get a true authentic Mayan cuisine (cochinita, lobster, chilaquiles, tacos, etc.). One night was reserved to go into town at Silvia’s Restaurant for some delicious fish. Pizza was catered one night with the local lobster/mango pizza being a big hit.
After settling in on the first night of arrival, we began fishing the following day. What followed was 6 days of incredible weather, fishing, and conversation. The fishery itself is something that rivals most elsewhere. With less pressure than most destinations, it can make for a great place for an angler with less experience to one with a great experience. Our group had some of the best guides in the village to help out landing some incredible fish. As I mentioned earlier, we had a lot of “firsts” on this trip. Three anglers with their first permit ever (not to mention…everyone caught permit…)

If you’re looking for a destination that is remote, beautiful and has an incredible fishery, look no further. I can’t thank everyone enough for their hard work and dedication. You guys crushed it.  Duranglers will be heading back, and if you’d like to hop on board, give us a call at 970-385-4081