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In this video, Greg ties an effective chironomid pattern for rainbow, brown, and brook trout he’s been using for the past five years in Cascade and Sierra reservoirs.
Fished underneath a sliding indicator such as Tom Loe’s Under-Cator or with a sinking line, these flies are usually fished near the bottom, but can also be retrieved slowly with small movements and pauses as famed fly fisher Brian Chan recommends.
Glass bead chironomids can be tied in sizes 14-22 and in different colors too. Red/Silver, Black/Silver, Olive/Silver, Red/Black, White/Black. An incredibly effective fly pattern.
Materials are available at https://www.caddisflyshop.com/​

Glass Bead ChironomidHook: TMC 200R Size 14-22Bead: Glass Bead SmallThread: Uni 6/0 RedWire: UW Silver SmallCollar: Ice Dub Pearl