Today’s Blog Post

It’s that time of year — it’s very hot, UV rays are intense, water is low, warm, and clear.  IMHO, it’s a tough time to catch fish, but it can be done.  Typically, we wet-wade, while sight fishing — with temps in the 90s, wet-wading is a great way to cool off and have fun.
4X Class In-Water
Combines technical casting and fishing instruction.  100% customized to water conditions and what you want to learn.  
Why FCFF — BEST Learning Experience


 ➤ Small class size
 ➤ (1-4) students only
 ➤ One on one attention
 ➤ Expert instruction
 ➤ (3) hours max time
 ➤ Learn more in less time

NOTE: Class time more than (3-4) hours is too much for human brain and body.
In four hours, we landed four fish in the 10″ – 16″ range, and lost a dozen more (i.e., we fish with barbless hooks).  The above 14″ fish was caught and was released on the ???? on July 18, 2021.