When Ed Ward designed the Micro Skagit Rod series (our 3-5wt) he did so with explicit intent to replicate some of his favorite rods that he had converted from single-hand rods into two-hand rods to fit the Skagit-style fishing he was doing in his new environment. The short upper grip allows for more feel and ease in single-hand Skagit casting, while the lower switch grip allows for a two-hand approach when the situation dictates. This equals a rod that is very versatile, and well as a heck of a lot of fun to cast and fish! As Ed notes, the Micro Skagit rod line-up differs from the Pure Skagit rod line-up in that the Micro’s are more true-to-weight than their larger counterparts, meaning the 3wt is more akin to a single-handed 3wt rod, as opposed to being few line weights higher in an overhand capacity. Stay tuned for the soft release of our first limited batch coming next week!