Stuck finding the perfect gift for the fly angler who “has everything”?  We can assure you, they don’t, it will just take some creativity.  How do we know this?  Well, that hustband/wife/friend/uncle/dad always comes in after Christmas to pick up what they need.  They key is finding out.
Why not just ask them what they need?  Be specific: “what rod/reel/wader/fly tying material/fly/etc. are you needing this year?”  It doesn’t hurt to ask.
Everyone needs or wants something, and really, fly anglers always have an idea for that next something they want…but if you can’t ask them, don’t worry, we are here to help.
We gaurntee that this guide will help you get the creative gift giving juices flowing, but if after reading this, you are still having trouble figuring it out, stop in the shop or give us a call at 970-385-4081 and we can help tailor the perfect fly fishing gift for the angler who “has everything”.
Everyone wants something, and maybe they only want some time to spend with you on the water, fishing the day away, chatting about life, and communing with the outdoors.  A guided trip is a great gift option that can make this happen.  Of course, if all else fails, we got you covered with gift cards!  These are great for the veteran fly-tying angler who can pick up the materials they need or the traveling angler in need of a few more flies for their next trip!
For a more personal touch though, see our ideas below.